Avalanche is the new opponent of Ethereum. Cryptocurrency grew 3,000% in one year

Avalanche (AVAX) is the new cryptocurrency that is catching the attention of investors, with a market capitalization that has surpassed Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, two virtual assets that have seen a four-digit surge in recent months, thus entering the top ten from the table.

The price of the token rose 3.53% in the past 24 hours, following the positive trend last week (43.67%), to $142.33, according to data from Coin Market Cap.

Avalanche now ranks 10th by market capitalization in the crypto market ($31,769.501.799), after a 6.31% rise, followed by Dogecoin ($29,484,937,470) and Shiba Inu ($23,920.132906).

The findings come a week after the founder of Ava Labs, the company that created this cryptocurrency, announced a partnership with Chancellor Deloitte to create a funding platform for the US Federal Disaster Agency, based on the company’s blockchain technology.

For analysts contacted by Bloomberg, this movement in the cryptocurrency market is a clear sign that investors feel that there are platforms that are safer or more secure than Ethereum and that they are cheaper.

“It is another example of blockchain technology that is outperforming Ethereum in speed and cost. This competition is good for the market,” explained Jonathan Cheesman of FTX.

A year ago, the price of an avalanche rose 3,000%. In September, the company that owns the token raised $230 million from the sale of this cryptocurrency to institutional buyers.

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