Alfacash Store Improves SEPA Transfers along with BCB

TALLINN, Estonia, Nov. 10, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, the e-commerce platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies Alfacash Store announced the partnership with a leading payment processing provider BCB Group that aims to introduce additional options for SEPA (Single Euro Payment Area) transfers to the platform users in Europe.

The SEPA is a pan-European network that makes cross-border transfers quicker and easier among countries of the EU, UK, members of the European Trade Associations, and 4 microstates.

Thanks to this partnership, for the citizens of mentioned countries, Alfacash Store is now offering SEPA transfers for incoming and outgoing payments with cryptocurrencies in a fully non-custodial, regulated, and automated process. European users will be able to enjoy SEPA transfers only for a 1.5% fixed fee in both directions.

The process of making a SEPA transfer is easy and includes just a few steps. Upon login into the Alfacash Store account, the system prompts a user to set the amount to buy or sell the cryptocurrency, choose the payment method (SEPA in this case), and provide a cryptocurrency address.

Secondly, the system provides the data to enter during a traditional SEPA transfer process in the bank. The transaction goes as any other transfer would. Finally, upon verification of the arrival of the funds, the system sends the cryptocurrency to the defined earlier address.

If the account is not verified, the system will ask to complete the KYC procedure. More information on this process is available via the special useful guide for setting up the address or minutes with Sumsub for verifying the account.

Alfacash Store representatives shared that adding SEPA payment is just one of the milestones the company planned for the year. The company aims to introduce its own card program and support international bank cards worldwide (pay-in/pay-out features).

About company

Alfacash Store is a fully regulated e-commerce platform for buying and selling cryptocurrencies that offers the fastest and safest way to trade digital currencies in the EU. The platform’s users can already exchange over 19 cryptocurrencies against euros (EUR), including Bitcoin, XRP, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero. Find the full list of supported cryptocurrencies here. More information is available in the blog posts, YouTube channels, Telegram, and Twitter.

BCB Group is a leader among providers of payment processing between cryptos and fiat in Europe. This company is duly regulated in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Additionally, their subsidiary BCB Group is operating since 2020 with a license from the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

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