Whats up trader’s, investors and all the Shiba moonboyz! Here is a much needed update on XLM! I’ve been seeing some crazy analysis lately on XLM . First there long, then there short, then it’s going to Moon. Oh wait! Nope, now where going to $.10 cuz the waves tell me that! Remember, if you don’t know the waves your life will be over. All you have to do is pay $500 to learn half of the waves. If you want to learn all the waves it will cost you $1,000. If you want honest analysis thats free than follow me. Ha, that rhymed! Anyway, as you can see here on Xlm , there a few scenario’s of how this can go in the short to medium term. I have labeled both scenarios so you can understand why I’m bullish . In my opinion, the trend is up. I can explain why if you listen up! First off, look at the pattern that is forming. Yes, that’s called an ascending triangle which is a very bullish pattern . Also ask yourself this? We went from $.80 down to $19.2 cents. That’s almost an 80% correction. We called that a down trend. We had an ABC . Simple right? Then we had an impulse wave 1 to the .38 fib level which is textbook for wave 1’s on a reversal. Ascending triangles a lot of the time are 1-2 1-2 patterns. If we were heading into the toilet say $.08- $.10 right now, why would we only correct to the .382 fib level after dropping 80% and then have a very short C wave compared to the A wave. The only way that’s possible is if this was a failed wave 1 which would be an X wave followed by an ABC down which would be a WXY correction. Is it possible? Sure, anything is possible in crypto but that pattern would look very weird considering we dropped 80% already on the first move down. Finally, is the count! The count is so fucking bullish right now. Last but not least is the fact that XLM has lagged behind all the other coins. When XLM moves, boy does it move! I can’t tell you how many times I look away from my phone or go out on the boat for the day and XLM is in the same spot. We are also over sold on the 4 hour stochtastic RSI . Don’t play into any of the bullshit that says XLM is going to crash right now. That genus has been wrong on everything. If you just do the opposite, than you would have made some profitable trades. I don’t have a crystal ball and this is not financial advice in any way, but i am very bullish on Xlm and have been long ever since I reloaded up at $.30. I have traded the shit out of this coin over the last 5 months on the swings and it has worked out very well. I think the future is bright for Xlm in the short to medium term. If we are going lower, my take is that we go higher first for the reasons I stated earlier. Best of luck everyone and don’t forget to set your stop losses in case I’m wrong. I don’t think I am, but anything is possible in crypto. Later trader’s