Ethereum, The Second-Largest Cryptocurrency, Has Split into Two Versions

In the cryptocurrency market, Ethereum has now split into two chains. The world’s second-largest cryptocurrency as per the market cap, Ethereum’s split happened as its old Ethereum network’s nodes have failed to upgrade to the ‘Hades Gamma’ patch. The patch was released on 24th August and a bug was detected in the 1.10.7 version of the Ethereum network.

Its old network, Go Ethereum informed its users on Twitter on August 27 about the split and information about the 1.10.8 version in terms of security. The team asked users to upgrade their nodes having Hades Gamma patch to the new version if they already haven’t done so. Geth is a command-line interface that runs Ethereum nodes implemented in the Go language. Geth enables the users to join the Ethereum network, make transactions between accounts, and mine Ether.

All the information about the blockchain is stored on the network in the form of transactions chains. As each chain gets verified, every transaction is then added to the digital ledger. Now that there is a split in the chain, all the transactions will not be verified by all the nodes. Hence, the split is an understandable cause of concern for Ethereum investors and Ethereum-based applications. It increases the occurrence of double-spending, which refers to a single transaction being registered more than once, allowing users to misinterpret the amount in the wallet. Until this issue is fixed, experts are advising users to not make any transactions.

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