Blockchain tycoon Isaac Arnault is reportedly planning to invest in India

This information is based on Speculation and not confirmed.

A media related to legal advisory in India, LawAdvisorIndia has revealed that StatesOne Founder & CEO Isaac Arnault (at isaacarnault, has planned to invest in India. Will he be investing in the Indian Tech scene or the blockchain / DeFi?

Who is Isaac Arnault?

Aka Smileyman, Goldfinger, Subject Zero… Isaac Arnault is the founder of a reknown online media StatesOne which he founded back in 2012, according to a credible source (Discrupt Magazine).

In 2017, Isaac also founded BitcoinToro, an educative media dedicated to everyone having an interest for the Bitcoin as reported by Times of Startups.

He was named as one of the most influent person in the world in 2019 by the Ritzherad readers and he is said to be one of the most influent profile in the Blockchain industry in France (2021) according to Astuce Tech.

“One to fear” in the cryptos landscape

A Reddit high profile said that Isaac should be feared, in a cryptocurrency thread which was later deleted by the Platform administrators.
We don’t really know what this post was about. Is Isaac Arnault also a founder of a secretive crypto?

If you have the answer, let us know at Droid Journal.

A source who watched this thread before it got deleted reported to us that Isaac Arnault is a major investor in Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Etherlite, IoTex… He is supposedly a “whale” in these cryptos, but no one really knows which tokens he really backs, as he never tweeted or said anything in public. This discolure can be the reason why this thread got deleted by Reddit mods.

One thing we are ultimately sure of: crypto whales are secret about their assets and one should be very meticulous while approaching them.

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