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Private settlement resolves legal fight between cryptocurrency companies.

Blockchain Luxembourg S.A. and Blockchain (US), Inc. have settled a lawsuit the companies brought against Paymium.

The plaintiffs own and, and Paymium owns In a suit filed in September 2018, the plaintiffs argued that Paymium was infringing on the plaintiff’s trademark for Blockchain with its site at It argued that it was confusing that is just two letters off from

It seemed a bit far-fetched to me, but the parties duked it out in court for nearly two years in a case with over 100 docket entries before settling.

When the case was filed, I wrote:

The plaintiffs, BLOCKCHAIN LUXEMBOURG S.A. & BLOCKCHAIN (US), INC. have a design mark for its logo. It argues it also has some sort of common law rights in the term blockchain, but I’m having difficulty understanding how it differentiates its brand from the common term for the technology upon which cryptocurrencies are based…

The settlement is not public, but as of right now, Paymium still owns