Bitmain Rolls Out Dogecoin And Litecoin Mining Equipment Amidst China’s Big Mining Crackdown

Prominent crypto mining equipment manufacturer, Bitmain had been making immense news throughout the last two years following its shake-up in management. However, the mining company has made headlines yet again with its latest launches.

Bitmain’s saga became so well-known that the entire crypto-verse was talking about it. While the firm’s founders fought for a long time, they finally agreed to settle in December 2020. The dispute had little effect on the firm’s sales as most of the mining equipment was sold out for quite some time. Bitmain seemed to be doing well as it recently announced the launch of mining equipment for two more cryptocurrencies.

Bitmain launches L7 mining machine for DOGE and LTC

As per a recent tweet by Chinese crypto blogger, Colin Wu, Bitmain had unveiled the latest L7 minting machine used to mint Litecoin [LTC] as well as popular meme coin, Dogecoin [DOGE]. While the firm’s Bitcoin mining machines are a hit, the community awaits to see what the latest equipment had to offer.

Wu noted that the L7 machines were equipped with a hash rate of 9500MH/s along with 3425W. Priced at $15000 per unit, this product is yet to be made available, however, the delivery time for it is November 2021. He tweeted,

Being established in China’s capital, Beijing, Bitmain currently stands as the world’s largest Bitcoin mining pool. Recently, the Chinese authorities took down 26 mining farms in Sichuan. The officials even asked power generating platforms to retain from providing power to any crypto mining farms.

While China is undoubtedly eyeing the closure of all sorts of crypto platforms in the country, several mining farms were seen migrating to different regions. Bitmain, for instance, has already set up shop in various parts of Inner Mongolia. Several other platforms have sought a similar solution as the Chinese government intensifies its crypto mining regulations.