Ripple on a hiring Spree to increase XRP liquidity in Asia

Ripple is on a hiring spree at the moment, as the company hopes to expand its institutional liquidity across Asia.

Ripple revealed that it wants to hire a manager for the institutional market. According to Ripple, the candidate will play a major role as the firm hopes to expand its presence in the Asia-Pacific market.

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The ideal candidate will be responsible for managing relationships with exchanges, brokers, market makers, and other institutional market participants within Asia.

The candidate will also play the head role to ensure massive institutional XRP adoption in the region.

This is coming when the company’s executives and XRP token are in a serious legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) over the company’s ICO launch.

As a result of the lawsuit and subsequent delisting of the XRP token by several exchanges, many users are now afraid of investing in Ripple.

Ripple is serious about Asia expansion

With the recent activities of Ripple, it’s not out of place to suggest, the company is already preparing for the outcome of the SEC lawsuit.

It has increased its investments outside the U.S., especially in Europe and Asia. Even before the SEC lawsuit, Ripple has been vocal about the tough regulatory conditions in the U.S. and has been planning to move its headquarters to Europe or other possible destinations.

Ripple says it is focusing on the Asian market due to the huge potential in the continent, which hosts the two largest countries in the world by population.

Ripple announced that the right candidate for the position will work with financial professionals as a team. The job is to help manage and expand XRP utility and liquidity in the continent.

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Vacancy listing for RippleX

The San Francisco-based firm says it wants to foster a healthy crypto market and improve on digital market efficiency.

 “Robust liquidity is a core component of making that vision a reality,” the company added. The firm has also put out a vacancy for RippleX, its investment and development arm.

Other vacancy listings for the company include Staff DevOps engineer, software engineer, senior software engineer, and director of engineering.