Blockchain partnership to boost supply chain transparency in Asia | Apparel Industry News

SUKU’s supply chain tracing and tracking solution will be available to fashion brands across Asia thanks to a new partnership with blockchain and mobile service provider Exicon.

SUKU’s blockchain-based ecosystem aims to make commerce more transparent by providing full supply-chain visibility for products, meeting growing demands from conscious consumers globally.

Consumers can interact with a SUKU Verified product by scanning its QR code (or smart tag) with their camera phone or the SUKU Scanner app. In doing so, the brand can engage with the consumer in a number of ways, including sharing its story and the product lifecycle journey via videos and photos, as well as data that is collected from supply chain participants.

In addition to sharing traditional product and supply chain information with the consumer, the SUKU Omni solution enables the brand to calculate the carbon footprint at three levels: transportation, facility, and product. Yonathan Lapchik, CEO of SUKU, says this level of carbon footprint analysis and access is unprecedented in traceability solutions today.

As increasing numbers of consumers care about sustainable and ethical practices, the SUKU Omni solution empowers them to make value-based purchasing decisions, resulting in product differentiation from competitors, he adds.

As a technology partner, Exicon will be presenting SUKU’s supply chain tracing and tracking solution to fashion brands across Asia, expanding awareness of the opportunities to meet growing demands from conscious consumers globally.

“There is a rapidly growing group of conscious consumers who are factoring health and sustainability into their purchasing decisions,” asserts Stefan Rust, founder of Exicon and former CEO. “SUKU helps brands and retailers meet this growing consumer demand by giving the brands the tools they need to prove ethical and sustainable product provenance.

“We look forward to expanding awareness of SUKU’s blockchain-powered supply-chain solution to the Asia-based fashion brands and retailers we work with throughout the region.”

Worldwide, there is a trillion-dollar opportunity for brands to make their sustainability credentials clear, with 71% of consumers willing to pay a premium for brands that provide it, SUKU says.

Last month, the firm released a new application for sneaker collectors and resellers that allows them to verify the authenticity of a shoe.