Sphere Acquires Health iPASS For Payments Boost

End-to-end integrated payment and security software provider Sphere has announced its acquisition of Health iPASS, according to a press release.

Health iPASS provides software for cloud-based patient engagement revenue cycle management, helping providers collect revenue and giving a streamlined healthcare payment experience. According to the release, the company’s products help to speed up cash flow, lower claim denials and improve patient relations.

The patient checkout experience is helped by Health iPASS’s simplifying of the check-in process and payment experience, the release stated, using a multi-channel virtual software interface to facilitate pre-service, time-of-service and post-service engagement and patient payments.

Andrew Rueff, Sphere executive chairman, said the acquisition of Health iPASS “builds upon Sphere’s strong presence in the healthcare market and adds a highly relevant and unique set of software solutions” that patients need these days for engagement and pay.

“Recent events have accelerated healthcare providers’ need for virtual interactions with their patients throughout the patient experience,” he said, according to the release. “The Health iPASS software platform addresses those needs by streamlining the check-in and financial engagement workflow to increase provider revenue and improve patient communications.”

Rajesh Voddiraju, founder and CEO of Health iPASS, said the acquisition is the natural conclusion of Health iPASS’s business growth. The company needs broader distribution channels, an in-house acquiring platform and a global brand, and the partnership with Sphere would do well to fulfill those needs, as Sphere is aligned with its vision and aspiration of growth.

Earlier this year, Sphere teamed with VisitPay to boost its patient payment as well, PYMNTS reported. In February, the two companies launched Text to Pay, a mobile solution to help work with healthcare providers and give them an easy way to accept payment through text messages. The idea is to give patients a more convenient way to pay medical bills.



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