ISACA releases blockchain guides to help enterprise adoption

ISACA releases blockchain guides to help enterprise adoption

ISACA has released two new resources (Blockchain Framework and Guidance and Blockchain: An Executive View) to help tech professionals adopt the emerging technology and leverage it within their own organisations. Blockchain has many applications that go beyond cryptocurrency, including smart contracts, supply chain and healthcare records.

Blockchain Framework and Guidance offers a comprehensive blockchain reference, including overview, history, information about types and their benefits and features, use cases, and a framework for enterprise adoption.

The framework details key considerations, such as stakeholder management, implementation considerations, interoperability concerns, governance model and management guidelines, and digital asset/token requirements. It also provides a set of blockchain control objectives with key questions that enterprises need to answer, pertaining to blockchain control objective domains and engagement with the larger blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain: An Executive View explains blockchain technology in clear business language and explores the opportunities and challenges faced by enterprises when using blockchain. It shares use cases, outlines the enterprise benefits and risks, provides a guide to getting started with blockchain, shares security, privacy and legal considerations, and offers security mitigation methods.

Ron Quaranta, Chairman and CEO of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance and a member of the ISACA Emerging Technology Advisory Group, encouraged enterprises considering the adoption of blockchain technology to ask themselves strategic questions, explore enterprise risks and assess how blockchain adoption could map to their existing technologies.

“The benefits of this technology can be powerful, provided that enterprises have strong governance, controls and security protocols in place. This framework is an important step in understanding blockchain technology and realising those benefits,” said Quaranta.

Nader Qaimari, ISACA Chief Product Officer, noted that the use of blockchain solutions is increasingly becoming a strategic priority for enterprises across sectors, and said education is key when implementing blockchain.

“Through these new resources, professionals have the foundational knowledge and tools to take the next steps in effectively adopting this unique technology,” said Qaimari.

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