Coinbase Custody reviews to support 39 cryptocurrencies

Coinbase Custody, the custodian arm of Coinbase, announced that it is looking to support 39 cryptocurrencies.

Major cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that it is looking to add 39 cryptocurrency custody services to Coinbase Custody.

“We plan to introduce new features in the coming months that will continue to support more assets and demonstrate that Coinbase Custody is one of the most reliable and innovative places for organizations to store crypto assets.” It was said.

The statement also stated that the company will also explore ways to serve more institutional clients in the Asia-Pacific region as part of growing the cryptocurrency economy.


Cryptocurrencies that are supported for Coinbase Custody may be listed on Coinbase in the future. However, Coinbase said, “It is not guaranteed that the assets supported by Coinbase Custody will be listed on Coinbase trading platforms.” says.